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Okinawa Karate News No. 66 (published November 25, 2011)
    Tsushin Plaza
  • Masters Tomoyose & Takamiyagi recognition

  • Day of Karate Demonstration

  • Uechi-ryu in the highlights in France

  • Special feature
  • 30th Anniversary for Kenkuren

  • Overseas Network
  • New Okinawa karate federation for Argentina

    Recent events reported
  • Butokukan Carlos Magnavachi in Okinawa
  • Masters Nakamoto and Hokama in the WRBBOF
  • Karate Day in Poland
  • Moldova Judo Champion trains in Uechi-ryu
  • 2nd Okinawa Shogaku Junior High School Tournament
  • 16th annual Cal South Martial Arts Camp
  • 2011 China Fuzhou International Karate-Wushu Exchange and Contest Convention
  • A Japan Culture Festival in Cuba
  • Ryukyukan 10th Annual Tournament
  • All Okinawa Karatedo Champs
  • Taira Masaji sensei in New Zealand
  • All Japan Worker Champs
Okinawa Karate News No. 65 (published October 25, 2011)
    Tsushin Plaza
  • Supporting the establishment of a new karate hall in Naha

  • Mabuyer and karate

  • Special feature
  • Karate at the 5th World Uchinanchu Festival

  • Sites & Monuments
  • Bushi Matsumura's retreat in Nago

    Recent events reported
  • Tesshinkan seminar in Canada frequently
  • IOGKF gasshuku in Venezuela
  • Japan Sports Masters 2011
  • �gLegends of Okinawan Martial Arts�h in Canada
  • The 2nd �gKyan Chotoku demonstration and symposium
  • The 7th All Japan Karate Tournament for the disabled
  • Ryukyu Kobudo Shinbukan seminar in Germany
  • Matsubayashi seminar down under
  • Taira Bunkai in New Jersey
  • Australian welcomes Yagi sensei
  • Shimoji Yasuo sensei in France
  • Okinawa SHS Rookies tournament
  • 1st International Matayoshi Kobudo World Cup
Okinawa Karate News No. 64 (published September 25, 2011)
    Tsushin Plaza
  • Creation of a Karate Liaison Bureau

  • Special feature
  • 5th World Uchinanchu Festival News

  • Sites & Monuments
  • Bushi Matsumura's retreat in Nago

    Recent events reported
  • Karate on Discovery Channel in March 2012
  • The RyuTe Annual Summer Conference 2011
  • OAA Martial Arts Committee tournament
  • Okinawa Shogaku perfomed karate in Miyagi Pref.
  • 19th All Japan JHS champs
  • International Oshukai Seminar in Yomitan
  • 30th Uechi ryu Karatedo Intl. Tournament
  • Okinawa Karate Pioneer Camp in India
  • XIVth Pacific Games
  • MOFA kobudo demonstration and workshop
  • 28th Okinawa SHS Champs
  • Kubagawa Shubukan 30th Commemorative Demonstration
Okinawa Karate News No. 63 (published August 2011)
    Tsushin Plaza
  • Passing of Uema Joki sensei
  • Okinawan boy Asia No.1
  • Karate projects adopted
  • New Caledonia and karate event

  • New book review
  • Uechi ryu book in Hebrew

  • Special feature
  • Okinawan karate in French primary school

    Recent events reported
  • US & SA Butokan members in Okinawa
  • 40th years of teaching in Alaska of Nakada sensei
  • Karate in Indian prison
  • 44th Okikukai Karatedo Champs
  • 27th IOGKF European Gasshuku
  • Shinjinbukan Seminar in Latvia
  • Bar DOJO opening
  • Goju ryu Ryushokai seminar in Canada
  • All Japan Youth Champs
  • Tesshinkan seminar in Germany
Okinawa Karate News No. 62 (published July 2011)
    Tsushin Plaza
  • Okinawa Times Newspaper Prize to Principal Nashiro
  • Victory in Tokyo for Kiyuna Ryo

  • MiRiKa against DUI

  • Special feature
  • Okinawa cartoon

  • New book review
  • The Karate Code

    Recent events reported
  • 10th Annual Warrior Gasshuku
  • Intl' Oshukai Okinawa kobudo seminar
  • Shorin ryu Shidokan Seminar in France
  • Argentina national Kyudokan Championship
  • Karate seminar at Sri Lanka largest leasing Corp.
  • Halle IOGKF Seminar
  • Demonstration at Naha Book Store Junkudo
  • Erika Spina wins the All Kyushu Champs
  • Kobudo at Okinawa's German Fest
  • 23rd Okinawa Times Tournament
  • Charity show for the victims of the Tsunami and earthquake
  • 35th Anniversary Celebration for the Beikoku Shidokan
Okinawa Karate News No. 61 (published June 2011)
    Tsushin Plaza
  • Almost 50 million yen of funding for karate
  • The end of Wonder Okinawa

  • Special feature
  • Karate in Guatemala sponsored by JICA

  • Editor's file
  • The Kyan Chotoku Project

    Recent events reported
  • 10TH OGKK European Gasshuku
  • Meibukan seminars in Slovenia and Czech Republic
  • Goju demonstration at the Fujioka Park Festival
  • 6th France Uechi-ryu Cup
  • Hokama sensei in Russia
  • Kochinda Kobujutsu at VAK event
  • Uechi-Ryu special seminar
  • Kenyukai Koshukai and Takai Spirit of the North 2011
  • 8th Kyudokan Urasoe Dojo tournament
  • Okinawan karate at the Japanese Ambassador's in Washington
  • Okinawa Shogaku SHS grading
Okinawa Karate News No. 60 (published May 2011)
    Tsushin Plaza
  • Karate to be officially included in Junior High School
  • Hanshi 10th Dan Interview Series
  • Okinawa Karate on NHK World

  • Hanshi 10th Dan Interview
  • Miyagi Minoru sensei

  • Special feature
  • Karate in New-Caledonia

  • Editor's file
  • Hokama Tetsuhiro sense's new DVD

    Recent events reported
  • The 5th EU-Ryukyukan International Open Tournament
  • Taira Masaji sensei Australia seminar
  • 18th AMAKO Martial Arts Gala
  • The 27th Okinawa Shorin ryu Tournament
  • IOGKF Euro Asia Gasshuku
  • 2011 Ozawa Cup and Nishime sensei seminar
  • Okinawa Kobudo Shuwakai 15th anniversary demonstration
  • 9th Dragon boat race origine festival demo
  • Neil Stolsmark in Okinawa
  • New Shorinkan dojo in India
  • 7th Pref. Youth Tournament
  • Okinawa Traditional Karatedo Shinkokai's general meeting
Okinawa Karate News No. 59 (published April 2011)
    Tsushin plaza
  • New section for the OPG
  • Karate related Symposium

  • New book review
  • Karate: Photos of an history
    Recent events reported
  • Uema Yasuhiro in Europe
  • Kuniyohi Shintaro wins in the 1st East Asia Champs
  • Okinawa Pref. Karatedo Rengokai tournament
  • Okinawa Goju ryu Kyokai tournament
  • Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate Shinkokai Victoria Cup
  • IOGKF Twin City Gasshuku in Bratislava
  • Okinawa Karate Seminar in France
  • Classical Fighting Arts seminar
  • 30th anniversary of Shorin-Ryu Karate in Poland
Okinawa Karate News No. 58 (published March 2011)
    Tsushin plaza
  • In regard to World Heritages

  • Special feature
  • Song Karate no Michi by Ishikawa Seigi

  • Sites & Monuments
  • The Bugei Cave and Maekawa-bo
    Recent events reported
  • Ota sensei chairperson of the OAA Martial Arts Committee
  • IOGKF Oceania Gasshuku
  • Kyudokan India's 30th celebrations
  • China's Higaonna Dojo opening
  • 26th Butokukan Gasshuku
  • Intl' Shorin-Ryu Seminar
  • Miyazato Eiko Geinokan's 1st anniversary
  • 7th Ryukyu Kobudo Ryukonkai
  • Okinawa Travel Mart
  • All Okinawa Karate Open Tournament
  • Hija Bridge as the Mecca of karate
Okinawa Karate News No. 57 (published February 2011)
    Tsushin plaza
  • Uema and Uemura officially commended
  • Movie "KG Karate Girl"

  • Special feature
  • Working on the furthermore popularization of Okinawan Karate

  • Editor's file
  • Do you know about Commotio Cordis?
    Recent events reported
  • Kyoshi Eberhard Welch in Denmark on
  • NPO Okinawa Intl' Exchange Support
  • Oshukai Kobudo French Cup
  • Rengokai's New Year Party & 10th / 9th dan promotion
  • Kuba Yoshio sensei seminar
  • 2nd Tomigusuku City Karatedo Tournament
  • Senior high school Spring Tournament
  • IOGKF 2011 Oceania Gasshuku
  • 3rd Okinawa Traditional Kobudo Tournament
  • Uechiryu-kei Rengokai New Year Party and 8th Lecture
  • 2011 Uechi-ryu Winter Fest
  • 8th All Okinawa Karate Kobudo Tournament
Okinawa Karate News No. 56 (published January 2011)
    Tsushin plaza
  • Karate Charter
  • New karate site

  • Special feature
  • The water color karateka

  • Editor's file
  • Chinen sensei PhD Honoris Causa in Martial Arts
    Recent events reported
  • 100th anniversary of the birth of Higa Yuchoku sensei tournament
  • Nakamoto Kiichi sensei seminars
  • 21st All India Invitational Championship
  • Okinawa Prefectural Budokan's opening
  • 4th Wakashishi Cup in Uruma City
  • NHK World "Samurai Spirit" on Karate
Okinawa Karate News No. 55 (published December 2010)
    Tsushin plaza
  • Passing of a karate legend, Miyahira Katsuya sensei

  • Special feature
  • YouTube Dojo

  • Recent events reported
  • IOGKF 2010 Ubuntu
  • Kakutogi Okinawa Festival 2010
  • Onaga sensei Belgium seminar
  • 9th Ryukyukan International Tournament
  • Yamashiro sensei Poland seminar
  • Spain Oshukai kobudo seminar
  • Ota-kai branch in Cuba made official
  • 29th All Japan Corporate Champs
  • 62nd Okinawa Prefectural Athletic Meet
  • Kurashita sensei Uruguay seminar
  • 4th Uechikei youth kumite tournament
  • 9th joint Shorinryu tournament
  • Kobudo seminar on Kadena Airbase
  • 38th All Japan Karatedo Championships
Okinawa Karate News No. 54 (published November 2010)
    Tsushin plaza
  • Commemorating Matsubayashi ryu and its founder
  • Commendation of Shima Isao and Senaga Yoshitsune
  • 2010 Okinawa Governor Election

  • Special feature
  • Searching the true about Kyan sensei

  • Editor's file
  • When comes party season

  • Recent events reported
  • Alessandro Arangio Febbo seminar in Italy
  • 16th Naha City Karate Kobudo Rengokai Champs
  • OGKK Onaga Ryoichi sensei in Argentina
  • All Kyushu University Champs
  • 20th World Senior Karate Championships in Serbia
  • JKF Goju-kai instructors in Okinawa
  • 15th Annual California South International Martial Arts Camp
  • Okikukai 27th All Okinawa Karatedo Champs
  • 2010 World Okinawan Rengokai Karate & Kobudo Champs
  • 1st Okinawa Shogaku School Tournament
Okinawa Karate News No. 53 (published October 2010)
    Tsushin plaza
  • Searching the true about Kyan sensei
  • The 1st World Goju-Ryu Karate Championship

  • Special feature
  • New Uechi ryu book from Shimabukuro Yukinobu

  • Recent events reported
  • 26th Senior High School Okinawa Champs
  • 6th All Japan Karate Tournament for the disabled
  • Sports Masters 2010
  • Kuba Yoshio South Africa Goju ryu seminars
  • Special Uechi ryu seminars in France
  • Foreigners training at Kinjo Masakazu's dojo
  • Training session in memory of Benito Higa
  • Ryukyukan seminars in UK and Belgium
  • Seminars at the Mankato Martial Arts
  • Hokama Tetsuhiro new DVD
  • Fujioka Alicante Karate Club 35th anniversary
  • Japan Athletics Karate competitions
  • Senior high school rookies tournament
Okinawa Karate News No. 52 (published September 2010)
    Tsushin plaza
  • The founder of Shorinji ryu Nakazato Joen sensei passed away

  • Special feature
  • Karate promotion through TV-CM

  • Editor's file
  • Experiencing Kobudo on Okinawa
    Recent events reported
  • 43rd Okikukai championships
  • 29th Uechi ryu Karatedo Tournament
  • 15th All Okinawa Kumite Tournament
  • IOGKF Japan Gasshuku
  • 2nd International TMAI Tournament and seminar
  • Shin Kyokushinkai Yoshida Dojo Opening
  • 2010 Seiyu Cup Ippon Shobu Tournament
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